Fun with Shapes

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It was a day of Fun with Shapes at Shantiniketan Indian School K.G & Primary Wing. Various activities were organized for classes’ playschool to STD-II to encourage participation and to promote creative and aesthetic skills of around 800 students.

Tiny tots of K.G enjoyed some great ideas and played simple games about learning shapes. A fun filled and joyful activity provided our little ones a platform to develop and showcase their latent talents.

Each class was given a particular shape to explore. Little ones enjoyed creating different shapes and patterns. Circles, squares, rectangles, oval and triangles were formed by a chain of highly enthusiastic and excited students.

Children engrossed in creating beautiful things with different shapes was really worth seeing. The things made by them like puppets, dolls, joker, houses, clocks, snowman was indeed a feast to the eyes.

Charts, posters, drawings, models and exhibits displayed all around proved how skilled and capable they were while exploring their imagination.

Amazing and magnificent display of their creative abilities enthralled all the audience. The most captivating and appealing exhibits were models made by K.G-I students Daksith and Aisha Dilfa which won special appreciation from  Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan Headmistress K.G & Primary Wing.

An educational activity aimed at helping our children to learn basic properties of simple and geometrical figures was fruitful and a huge success.

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