Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations

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‘Students pay salutations, rich tributes and homage to the Apostle of Peace”

Exuding honour, respect and love for the Father of the Nation, the students of KG & Primary celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 1st October, 2015.

Students participated in a Silent March with attractive slogans and placards conveying the message of Truth, Non-violence and Peace. The bulletin boards were decorated with inspiring quotes by Gandhiji. Students were exposed to the life and struggle of Mahatma Gandhi through effective video clippings, documentaries, PPT and slide shows.

Gandhiji– an epitome of peace and a perfect example of simple living and high thinking, persuaded his dreams with honesty, perseverance, courage and determination. His success has left an indelible mark on Indian psychology and inspired millions across the globe to follow the path of truth and Non-Violence. This spiritual leader was portrayed as a standing example to motivate the students to follow his footsteps and practice his teachings.

Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair beamed with pride when the little ones explained him the purpose of this celebration. Vice-Principal (Academics), Mr. Shihabudeen appreciated the efforts of the teachers and students to spread the message of Truth, Peace and Non-Violence through such meticulously planned activities. Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen in her enlightening speech highlighted the significance of positive attitude, total commitment and right thinking which are more valuable than scholastic achievement or intellectual abilities.

The day concluded with students expressing their gratitude and love towards their ‘Bapu’ through inspirational speeches, slogans and poems.

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