Gandhi Jayanti 2021 Celebrated Virtually at SIS

Students of Shantiniketan Indian School organized a short virtual programme to celebrate the 152nd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the Indian Nation.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration – 2021 was celebrated on the virtual platform through which the students paid their tribute to the legendary and indomitable leader and an apostle of peace. They presented Gandhiji’s idea of Sarvodaya and its relevance in today’s world and also his philosophies that can build up a peaceful modern world. They presented the life and struggles of Gandhiji through their artworks and also paid their tribute through a melodious song.

Ms. Bushra, Head Teacher of Secondary Section advised the children to remember the most towering figure of Indian freedom struggle and carry his legacy and contributions to make a better world and also practice his thought and include them in your actions.

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