Gandhi Jayanti and Eid Celebrations – CBSE(i)

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The CBSE (i) department celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Eid on 1st October, 2014. The celebration saw the Montessori students involved in activities like sweet distributions among peer and colouring competition.

The CBSE (i) primary wing took part in the Eid greeting card making competition along with collage making competition, the theme of which was Mahatma Gandhi. The senior wing including class 8 and 9 involved the students in Eid greeting card making competition.

The collages made by the primary department were displayed in the CBSE (i) corridor. Two students represented the collage made by their respective class. Our respected Principal, Vice- principal (admin) and vice-principal (CBSE i) were the invited guests who took keen interest and involved the children by asking questions related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

The entire display was highly appreciated and the principal gave special encouragement so that more activities of such type are organized involving the children.

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