Gardening Day

Tiny hands join together to create a beautiful miniature garden…!!

The Pre-primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School conducted Gardening Day on 5th June 2017. Our little ones actively got involved in this Go Green activity with great eagerness and zeal. 

The little ones acquired environmental awareness as they were engrossed in various hands on activities related to the theme ‘Go, Short Tree….It’s Your Earth Day…!!’ -drawing, colouring, hand printing, cotton bud printing were some of the activities.

To create awareness on the importance of a safe environment to protect and preserve Earth the young ones were shown stories and songs related to conserving nature.

To add more colour to the day an aesthetically pleasing miniature garden was created by our young ones which aimed at committing to work together to build a safe, more prosperous and equitable world. Gardening was a rich sensorial experience for the kids as it provided opportunities for exploration, education and fun allowing them to experience and participate in active learning.

The activity helped children to understand the parts of a plant, the uses of plants and the requirements for a plant to grow. The young ones learnt that gardening is one of the easiest ways to protect our own environment.

Our little ones brought a variety of potted plants and saplings and watered them with great enthusiasm and pride.

Senior Head Teacher Mrs. Mehajabeen Hasan encouraged children to be “Green Kids” and urged them to spend time in natural outdoor settings where they can play, explore and experience natural systems.


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