Glimpses from 16th Annual Sports Day

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Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated its 16th Annual Sports Day in an enthusiastic and jubilant mood on the 30th of December 2015 at Al-Arabi Stadium. Mr. K. C. Abdul Lateef, President of the SIS Management Committee and the Guest-in-Chief on this auspicious occasion, declared the Meet open.
The day’s proceedings began with a mellifluous prayer followed by the March Past done by the contingents of Four Houses that competed in various events during the day for supremacy. The school leaders bearing the school flag and House Captains carried their respective Flags in great style. The Scouts and Guides added special flavor to the March Past.
Naveen Kelvin, Head Boy, welcomed the gathering of distinguished Guests, Parents, teachers and Students. It was followed by the Oath Ceremony conducted by the School Sports Captain, Fayis Musthafa.
The day’s event then commenced with the colourful and rhythmic Aerobics performed by the students from various classes. It was magnificent to watch the students performing aerobics in bright costumes that included masks, jackets and adorable animal costumes.
The Athletic events kicked off with different races such as 50,100, 200 and 800 m race which was organized for both boys and girls of different sections. Other events included Long jump followed by high jump and shot put.
The much anticipated events were that of parents and teachers in which enthusiastic parents gladly participated to make it memorable for their children. The teachers of SIS also displayed great athleticism in the 100 meter sprint. Mr. Rayees won the 1st position followed by Mr. Varghese and Mr. Mudassir in the 2nd & 3rd place respectively The Lady Teachers dashed for 50 meter to show their speed and enthusiasm. Mrs. Saudabi & Mrs. Jasmine bagged the 1st & 2nd positions respectively.
Noor Mohammed(Kiddies Montessori girls), Ahmed Eshar(Kiddies Montessori Boys), Juweria (Kiddies girls), Rifaz (Kiddies boys), Hawazeen (Mini Junior girls), Ahmed Saber (Mini Junior boys), Iqra Fowzia(Sub Junior girls), Ahmed Abdul Rahman(Sub Junior boys), Sadia Anwar(Junior girls), Mohammad Ashraf(Junior boys), Fathima Sana(Intermediate girls), Ziyaullah Ashfaq(Intermediate boys), Rahana Mohammed(Pre-Senior girls), Touseef Ahmed(Pre-Senior boys), Shana Arif(Senior girls) & Fayis Musthafa(Senior Boys) emerged as individual champions in their respective categories.
Red House emerged as overall Champions closely followed by Yellow House and Green House.
A lively commentary throughout the programme by the announcement team that comprised of Students guided by teachers.
Principal, Dr. Subhash B. Nair, then declared the Meet closed. Head Mistress, Mrs. Prabha Saji presented vote of thanks expressing her gratitude and thanks to everyone for making this event a grand success.
The event came to an end with the National Anthem of Qatar and India.

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