Gratitude Day

To develop a constant feeling of gratitude and a sound consciousness of God’s boundless favours the students of KG & Primary celebrated a day of gratitude to acknowledge and appreciate these favours.

Eager and excited to vent out their devotion, thankfulness towards their caretakers, students got actively involved in making attractive cards and posters with heart touching messages. The most laudable part of this endeavor was ‘Little expressions’ in the form of short speeches, messages, poems and songs rendered to express their love, intimacy and deep sense of gratitude towards their teachers, parents and peers.

The bulletin boards highlighted the need to be thankful and appreciative of the good things we have.

In the era of declining human relations and eroding values such celebrations help children to fill their hearts with readiness to cherish all what they have and express their thanks in a simple and sincere way.

Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen motivated the students to articulate their feelings at every step to express their gratitude. She further emphasized that the first and foremost task is to devote a little time and exert best efforts to be among the grateful….

Children were thus able to relate to the other people’s feelings and felt a sense of belonging in their class and community. This ethical gesture was indeed a gratifying experience which filled the hearts of their loved ones with joy and contentment.

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