Green Day

‘The colour of nature, ignites love, positivity and energy’

Primary and Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated “Green Day” aligning with the World Environment Day recently to inspire the youngsters to save, love and respect Mother Nature. The young nature lovers ardently recorded and shared videos on a series of green activities that they did remotely.

Through the virtual classes the students were sensitize about the importance of planting and how gardening can give them a joyful life experience. Children were motivated to get indulged in Go-Green mission to make the surroundings healthy and beautiful. They drew posters planted saplings and used various other innovative ways to make their home environment-friendly. The teachers also enlightened them with ten easy steps to grow and nurture plants and engaged them with craft activities like Paper Plate Globe painting, Happy Earth craft, Caterpillar and Parrot making.

The budding kindergarteners conveyed a beautiful message “We can help our Earth” through these activities on this auspicious World Environment Day.

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