Hat day

“Little ones in their vivid and colourful hats bring a sprig of style…..”

“Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special…….”  to make 21st September 2017 special, the Pre-Primary Section celebrated ‘Hat Day’ which marked a beautiful theme and everlasting memory in the young minds.

The little ones looked mesmerizing in the hats of their choice. The creative display of a variety of hats and the hat drill done by the kindergarteners was amazing and showcased diverse history of hats!

The Hat Day was used as a part of Kindergarten Clothing Theme. Adding elegance to the outfit, it provided an opportunity for our young ones to learn about different kinds of hats for different seasons. Young minds enthusiastically practiced mathematical skills by sorting and counting hats based on their colour, size, function and special features like brims and decorations.

Hats enabled the young ones to be absolutely anything. From protecting their head from the heat of the day, to just expressing who they are to the world, Hat Day was a great day to sport their best headwear!

The parent’s efforts in assisting and encouraging their children was incredible. The creative head behind the hat day our Senior Head Teacher Ms. Mehjabeen Hasan was overwhelmed by the extended support given by the parents in such activities which make children excited and happy to come to school for something new to learn, for something new to explore and something new to handle.

Hat Day was the best time for the little ones to break out their favorite headwear, and use them to make a huge impression….!!


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