Indian Schools Get Special Permission to reopen school on 9th September 2018

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has granted a special permission to the Indian schools to re-open schools on 9th September 2018 after vacation. Indian Schools were also exempted from the ministry instructed one week break in April as the academic year of Indian schools ends in March and students get a break at the end of March. Mr. K. C. Abdul Latheef, President of Shantiniketan Indian School and Dr. Subhash Nair, Convener of Indian School Principals’ Forum, expressed gratitude and great appreciation to the ministry for understanding of the concerns and for the timely decision that supports the Indian schools. This gives a great relief to the Parents as they are relieved of the stress of re-booking vacation air tickets with increased price. This special permission is just for this year and all Indian Schools are committed to follow, from next year, the ministry calendar for reopening after vacation. Earlier in a circular the ministry has revoked their decision to reduce the KG upper age limit by one year based on the request of Indian Schools and allowed Indian Schools to follow the existing practice.

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