Inter-house Table Tennis competition

The Department of Physical Education at Shantiniketan Indian School hosted an exciting Inter-house Table Tennis competition on April 29, 2024. A total of 35 students from both intermediate and senior categories, representing all houses and genders, enthusiastically took part in the tournament. The event unfolded in the SIS Multi-Purpose Hall, providing an electrifying platform for students to showcase their talents and sportsmanship.
Using a knockout system, participants demonstrated maximum effort and teamwork throughout the competition, engaging in 27 fiercely contested matches across both tables. Notably, Red House and Blue House emerged as finalists in the intermediate category for both boys and girls, while Blue House and Yellow House secured their spots in the senior girls’ finals, and Green House and Yellow House in the senior boys’ category.
In a thrilling showdown, Blue House emerged victorious in the middle section girls’ category, with standout performances by Premini of Grade VIII C and Svetlana of Grade VIII A, defeating Red House with scores of 21-05 and 21-04. Conversely, Red House claimed victory in the middle section boys’ category, with Muaad of Grade VII A and Adnan of Grade VIII A securing a win against Blue House with scores of 21-10 and 21-12.
In the senior category, Yellow House emerged as champions, dominating their matches against Green House and Blue House in both boys’ and girls’ sections. The winning representatives from Yellow House were Rishit Raj of Grade XI and Athif of Grade XII C for senior boys and Parvathi XI and Hana Md. Hafeel of Grade IX E for senior girls.
The Inter-house Table Tennis Competition not only highlighted the sporting talents of the students but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among the houses. Shantiniketan Indian School extends congratulations to all participants for their dedication and commendable performances, further enhancing the school’s vibrant sporting culture.

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