Inter-School Polemic Challenge -2015

SIS Polemic Challenge – 2015, an inter-school debate competition was organized by Shantiniketan Indian School on Wednesday, the 8th October, 2015. The participants debated on the topic “Technology Has Failed to Foster World Peace.”

DPS Modern Indian School, MES Indian School, Birla Public School, DMIS, Ideal Indian School, Al Khor International School and Shantiniketan Indian School participated in this prestigious event. The debate was moderated by Salwa Jalaludheen of Class XII B. It was a keenly contested event in which the team from Ideal Indian School emerged as the Best. Rafia Islam of Ideal Indian School won the Best Speaker’s prize, while the award for the Best Rebuttal was won by Naveen Kelvin of Shantiniketan Indian School.

It was a closely fought contest during which the speakers spoke from their heart and brought to light the different facets of technology and its effect in fostering world peace. Mrs. Milaan Arun, one of the members of the jury, advised the contestants on the real purpose of the topic. She told the participants to understand that they are the future of the world and it is their responsibility to use technology in the most appropriate manner. Mr. Virendranath also showed his happiness over the competiveness of the participants and advised them to speak with conviction. He also appreciated the efforts of the School Management for this initiative.

Mr. K. C. Abdul Latheef, President of SIS management committee, was the chief guest for the event. Mr. Abdul Khader, General Secretary of SIS management committee, felicitated the winners. Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal of SIS, congratulated all the winners as well as the participants. He also expressed his thanks and happiness for the schools that are giving their students opportunities to enrich their debating skills and speaking out their thoughts and ideas in various platforms.

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