Inter-School Polemic Challenge 2016

Shantiniketan Indian School organized the Inter-School Polemic Challenge 2016 at Multipurpose Hall on Wednesday, 10th November 2016. Students from seven Indian School debated on the topic “It is too late to Reverse Climate Change through Conscious Global Efforts.”

Participants from DPS MIS, MES Indian School, Birla Public School, DMIS, Ideal Indian School, Al Khor International School participated in this prestigious event. Rizwana Rahim of SIS moderated the debate that was very closely contested. DPS-MIS walked with the Roling Trophy for the Best School and Sandra Ramchandran of DPS emerged as the Best Speaker. The award for the Best Rebuttal was won by Kevin Kimi Alex of DMIS.

The judges expressed their pleasure on the topic chosen to be debated and the ideas expressed by the debaters on the most concerning issue confronted by the countries of the world today. All the participants spoke with great conviction and made their points very clear creating a highly competitive environment.

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