Inter School Teachers Discussion Forum

Seven Indian Schools actively participated in an intensive discussion that focused on “Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies” on Saturday 3rd June 2023. Moderator, Mrs. Payal Das (Shantiniketan Indian School) set the stage by imploring the importance of Innovative Strategies and pointing out that adjusting learning based on an individual student’s needs has been a priority for educators for years and Innovative Strategies will allow a level of differentiation that was earlier impossible for teachers who have to manage 30 students in each class. Mrs. Madona Dey (HOD – English) was the Master of the Ceremony.
Every teacher aims to bring out the best in a student, but it is not enough to be a knowledgeable teacher, one needs to be creative and innovative in the 21st Century. Students throw different types of challenges to teachers in the classroom. So, it becomes inevitable for teachers to think beyond textbooks to engage the learners in the classroom and make them understand the concepts. Teachers must upgrade their knowledge of technology to become innovative and meet the needs of this generation’s students . One of the Panel members, Mrs. Aathira J Warrier (Rajagiri Public School) reflected on the strategy of gamification which can be used to achieve better results from learners. Mr. Shakeer Meerza (Al Khor International School) stressed upon Inquiry-based learning which lets students explore the material, which also keeps them engaged in asking questions and discussing ideas with their classmates and teacher. Mrs. Nivedita Narayanan (Brilliant Indian International School) discussed about Personalized learning which is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Mrs. Remya Nandakumar (MES Indian School) emphasized on Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration which are essential parts of a balanced educational diet for every student. Ms. Asha Kurian (DPS Modern Indian School) discussed about Project-Based Learning which create digital portfolios to showcase their work, achievements, and progress over time using a variety of multimedia tools to document their learning. Mrs. Pushpaja Madathil Ponnath (Noble International School) spoke about the importance of including flipped classroom that can help students learn at their own pace and allow teachers to focus on individualized instruction. The concept of Design Thinking in Education was vividly explained by Mrs. Aneesha Majeed (Shantiniketan Indian School) which fosters several competences in different phases, in which expansion and consolidation take turns. It can positively impact students’ engagement and collaboration, allowing them to learn more effectively. The discussion emphasized on encouraging the facilitators and learners to embrace change, keeping pace with time.
Mr. Rafeeq Rahim, Principal-Shantiniketan Indian School, along with Vice Principals and Head Teachers appreciated the members and honoured them with certificate of participation. Mrs. Linet Babu, thanked the Principals of all Indian Schools and the panel members for their active participation. She expressed gratitude of the teaching community towards the Qatar Chapter of the council of CBSE affiliated schools and Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Vice Principal and Staff Professional Development Coordinator and Mrs. Nazia Saleem – Middle Section Head Teacher, SIS for organizing the programme.

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