Inter School Teachers Discussion Forum

SIS Organizes Inter School Teachers Discussion Forum on “Progress in Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Education”

Eleven Indian Schools actively participated in an intensive discussion that focused on “Progress in Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Education” on Saturday 22nd June 2019.

Moderator, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, set the stage by imploring the importance of AI and pointing out that adjusting learning based on an individual student’s needs has been a priority for educators for years and AI will allow a level of differentiation that’s impossible for teachers who have to manage 30 students in each class.

The promise of AI in education is not that it will replace teachers and advisors rather it will empower them for the best outcome of the students and what to expect with the advent of AI in education was discussed. The transformation of active digital teaching and learning to virtual reality through AI which will culminate in the preparation of the children for dynamic, social and economic changes of the future. The discussion stressed on the effect of AI in strengthening the knowledge of the learners through interdisciplinary and cross curricular instruction. Eradication of the burden of non-comprehension through differentiating the content, process, product and learning environment will fully be plausible through AI. AI-powered adaptive learning will certainly personalize learning, solving the three-fold problem of quality, cost and access that continues to plague education. The continuous evolution of educational technologies with the help of artificial intelligence promises wonders such as advanced language teaching tools and smart assistants in classrooms, which will change the face of education completely was discussed. Panel members reflected how AI will revolutionize the assessment systems delinking achievements to support self-driven learning and bring in the sense of achievement in all. Members considered the role of leaders in augmenting learning through machine learning and virtual reality. The discussion emphasized on encouraging the facilitators and learners to embrace change keeping pace with time.

Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal Shantiniketan Indian School and Mr. Prasad, Principal Loyola International School appreciated the members and honoured them with certificate of participation.

Ms. Vasavi Ayyanan, thanked the Principals of all Indian Schools and the panel Members, Mr. Vijeesh, Mr Sajith K, Mr. Ben Antony, Mr. Shakir Hussain, Ms. Sudha, Ms. Mariam John, Ms. Rekha, Mr. Sharad, Ms. Sabiha and Dr. Deepika for their active participation. She expressed the gratitude of the teaching community towards the Qatar Chapter of the council of CBSE affiliated schools and Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Vice Principal and Staff Professional Development Coordinator SIS for organizing the programme.

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