International Benchmark Test 2023-24

SIS is pleased to announce the remarkable achievements of our students in the International Benchmark Test for the academic year 2023-24. The list of high achievers encompasses students from various classes, showcasing their excellence across different subjects.

In the Science category, Shaharan from Class 10C earned a well-deserved distinction, setting a remarkable standard. Priyasha Ghosh from 10F demonstrated exceptional skills in Science and reasoning, achieving distinctions in both subjects. Additionally, Gowri Nishanth from Class 10D displayed outstanding reasoning abilities, securing a distinction in this field.

Numerous students at the school excelled in English. Mohammed Zidan and Nasha Hasan from Classes 4D and 4C, respectively, showcased excellence by earning distinctions. Priyasha Ghosh once again achieved high distinction in English, further enhancing her achievements. Stefano Antony Shibu from Class 4A exhibited exceptional reasoning skills, earning a high distinction. Shaza Fathima from Class 10C and Aisha Zilla from Class 4B also attained distinctions in English, underscoring their proficiency in the language.

In the Mathematics category, Ahmed Ezman from Class 8E demonstrated his mathematical prowess by securing a distinction. Mysha Kalam from Class 6D achieved high distinction, showcasing exceptional mathematical abilities.

The school is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and academic excellence demonstrated by these high-achieving students. These outstanding results not only reflect the students’ dedication but also the school’s commitment to providing quality education and nurturing the talents of its students. Congratulations to all the high achievers for their remarkable accomplishments in the International Benchmark Test-2023-24.

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