International Olympiad Foundation

Students of SIS demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent in the recently concluded Online Olympiad exams organised by the, The International Olympiad Foundation (IOF) from November to January 2023-24. Known for their rigorous assessments of students’ knowledge and skills, these competitions serve as a global platform for showcasing academic talent.
Despite the intense competition, students from Shantiniketan Indian School demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent, emerging as winners in various categories. Their remarkable achievements reflect their hard work and commitment to academic excellence.
Among the notable performances, several students secured top honours in their respective categories. In Grade I, Adheem Noufal, Rayyan Shameer, and Zahran Ebrahim excelled in Mathematics, earning Gold awards. Similarly, Haiza Mohamed Yaseen and Shanza Safeer from Grade II achieved Gold awards in English and Mathematics, respectively.
The school administration extends heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding performance and exemplary representation of Shantiniketan Indian School on the global stage. Their achievements not only bring pride to the school but also serve as inspiration for their peers, motivating them to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.
The Silver awards were garnered by a cohort of adept learners: Haya Razi, Ira Cherukupalli, Izaan Ibn Ijas, Sameeha Inaaya, Yashvi Udayakumar, Aadarsh Kumar, Hawwa, Joan Therese Tino, and Sufiyan Mohammed Kamal from Grade I and Grade II. Their commendable performance spanned across various subjects including Mathematics, English, Reasoning and Aptitude, and Science.
Furthermore, students who demonstrated exceptional prowess were honored with Bronze awards. Among them were Agnetha Mynakam, Arzan Azfer, Eiwa Binth Abdul Khader, Izaan Ibn Ijas, Mohammad Mukarram, and Noora Bint Mehaboob from Grade I, and Alhan Shafah, Amaal Fathima, and Sufiyan Mohammed Kamal from Grade II, excelling in subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Computer.
Shantiniketan Indian School extends heartfelt congratulations to all these winners for their outstanding performance and exemplary representation of the school on a global platform. As the school continues to nurture and support the academic aspirations of its students, it remains committed to providing them with opportunities to excel and shine on both national and international platforms. The success of these students in the IOF examination reaffirms the school’s dedication to fostering a culture of academic excellence and achievement.

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