International Online Abacus Competition

Brain ‘o’ brain is a renowned educational institute in Qatar that focuses on skill development in children. They had recently held Abacus competitions for children of various age groups. Many students took part in this competition. After competing for five rounds and also facing the tiebreaker challenge Master Pratwin of Class 2 A secured the first position in the BOB dictation competition in the entire centre. He was also declared the champion in the International Online Abacus Competition, Brain ‘o’ Brain Fest which was held on Monday, 23rd January 2023.The felicitation ceremony was organized on Friday, 12th May 2023 and he was awarded with trophies and appreciation certificates. Principal in charge Dr Salil Hasan and Senior Head Teacher Mrs Mehjabeen Hasan congratulated him on bringing laurels to the school and also appreciated the meticulous efforts taken by the parents.

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