International Year of Millets

To mark the International Year of Millets 2023, Shantiniketan Indian School, Doha, Qatar, promoted various activities on 15th January 2023 across the school with rich contributions of exemplary artifacts and events. The programme was inaugurated with expert talks on ‘Engineering Excellency in Life Style Management’ . A series of Millet-Centric activities like, Poster Making, Quizes, Group Discussions, Talk Shows, Art and Craft exhibits,  Harvest Dance, Gardening which  ended with an aesthetic culinary demonstration of various millet-rich recipes . Children were motivated to bring millet-rich tiffin  and share with their friends . Principal, Mrs. Pamela Ghosh appreciated the efforts taken by the team to initiate the awareness of the International Year of Millet and motivated them to continue with innovative programmes to further strengthen this endeavour for a healthy life style.  

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