Interschool Teachers Discussion Forum

The Ninth Interschool Teachers Discussion Forum, Qatar Chapter, took place at Shantiniketan Indian School in Doha, fostering professional growth through collaborative dialogue among educators. Ms. Kahkashan Yasmeen introduced the event, and Ms. Merina Abraham welcomed participants, emphasizing continuous learning and personal development. The panel featured educators sharing insights on educational theories and practices: Mr. Praveen K.P. from Noble International School discussed fostering self-directed learning environments, Ms. Reetika Jain from Podar Pearl School highlighted the importance of teacher self-development, Mr. Anas T. from MES Indian School, Abu Hamour, explained the benefits of Study Technology in overcoming learning barriers, Ms. Asha V Nair from MES Indian School, Doha, stressed the importance of teacher self-care, and Ms. July John advocated for innovative, real-life related homework alternatives. Additionally, Ms. Sheeba Mathew from DPS-Modern Indian School integrated mental health strategies into classroom settings, Mr. Firos Koovery from Shantiniketan Indian School explored differentiated instruction for diverse learning needs, Ms. Mary Shanya from DMIS emphasized fostering student self-motivation, Ms. Sagayapriya Devadoss from Al Khor International School elaborated on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, and Ms. Anupama Sajith from Olive International School highlighted the importance of continuous professional development. Principal Mr. Rafeeq Rahim awarded certificates and delivered a motivational address. The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Ms. Kahkashan Yasmeen and a group photo session. Key takeaways included the importance of self-directed learning, continuous teacher development, and integrating mental health and differentiated instruction strategies, underscoring the commitment to enhancing education in Qatar. The entire event was coordinated by Mrs. Fathima Jumana, who also served as the moderator for the panel discussion, under the guidance of Middle Section Supervisor Mrs. Nazia Saleem.

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