IPTC- International Petroleum Technology Conference at QNCC

On 8th December, 2015, students of Grade 11, namely: Bushra, Emelith, Fatima, Hazera, Labeeba, Sama, Sumera, Suprina and Zarneb along with their respected teachers (Mr. Kamaruddin & Ms. Sterin) of SIS had the glorious opportunity to visit the 9th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2015 which was held in QNCC, Doha-Qatar.

It was indeed a great opportunity for the students who visited the event to gain knowledge and experience about petroleum and petroleum engineering in an aspiring environment.

The program started with a welcome reception and an introduction to IPTC, where experienced engineers shared their ideas and gave an insight to the Qatar Key Energy Statistics. This was followed by a session of activities and experiments, where the students were divided into groups and were asked to perform 8 different simple activities; some of which included oil seeps, core sampling, porosity etc. Through these activities, students learned as to what are the different methods of extracting out oil and gas from the earth and their characteristics.

There was a short break for lunch and after the lunch break, the students got a chance to take a tour around the IPTC exhibition, where they could interact with different professionals from various oil, petroleum & gas companies. Among those were renowned companies like Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Shell etc. Through this the students acquired many valuable information about petroleum engineering and other related subjects. Amidst the tour, one of the most interesting parts was when the students witnessed virtual reality through 3D videos, where they actually felt as if they were into it.

It was actually a cheery moment for the students when they received splendid souvenirs from the exhibitors which will remind them of this beautiful event for a long time.

All in all, the event and the visit was a great success. The students learned a lot from this event. We wish more such events to be organized so that the students may have the opportunity to learn more and more interesting things from such wonderful events.

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