Jack in the Box

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The students of classes KG I to STD II had an interesting and pleasant recreational time on 8th January, 2015.

Jack in the box – a fun game where in children were given opportunities to speak a few sentences on ‘Toys’ of their choice. They got an opportunity to explore- looking, touching and listening followed by manipulation of objects.

The main attraction of the day was the Jack of each class dressed in the most colourful and enchanting manner all set to pop up with pleasant surprises for all our little ones.

They chose the toys of their choice and interest and were able to express their gamut of emotions in the form of short speeches and imaginative narrations. The laudable efforts of the children and the confidence this activity evoked was commendable. Songs and rhymes like ‘My Jack in the box goes pop pop……’ enriched the overall environment.

Thus, in a nutshell this enjoyable experience was successful- developing a sense of competence and enhancing the confidence level of our little ones.

Accomplished, satisfied and comfortable the children went home with subtle smiles on their faces.

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