JOTA-JOTI Programme

The Jota-Joti event, organized by the World Scouts Association, stands as a prominent global gathering aimed at promoting international interaction through the utilization of modern communication technology. It serves as a platform to bring together scouts from diverse countries and regions, enabling them to connect and learn through radio communication and the internet. The seminar was headed by Dr. Ahmed Almohanadi, Vice president of Qatar Ameteur Radio Society and Mr. Al Jassim Sabaan,Generl Secretary of the Ameture Radio of Qatar.

In the context of the Jota-Joti event for the year 2023, Shantiniketan Indian School was represented by a group of 5 scouts and 5 guides. They actively participated in this event, which took place at the Qatar Amateur Radio Society in Qatar. This unique combination of outdoor activities and the application of modern communication techniques provided the scouts and guides with an extraordinary and enriching experience.

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