Jungle Zone – A pleasant treat…!!

Life is not a picnic always but Fun trip to Jungle Zone is….!!

Tiny tots of classes KG I to STD II experienced a day filled with thrill and excitement enjoying a unique mix of rides like jumping chick, little egg, nest sway, funny egg and egg beater with colourful and exotic themes based on the wild nature of jungle world. Attractions like crazy jump, mountain coaster, pop ups, mini rode and super jumper kept the young minds and bodies not only occupied but also entertained. Burger, French fries and apple juice in the company of friends added spice to this special day…..!!

Jungle Zone trip was a welcome break from school routine not only giving pupils a chance to enjoy a day away from the classroom but also to build close bonds with their classmates and teachers. The little faces radiated happiness as they sat on different rides with their friends and teachers. The atmosphere echoed with merriment, laughter and cheerfulness.

This exuberant experience came to an end with smiling and tiring faces. It was indeed a delightful and perfect enjoyable day for teachers, helpers as well as children. A week long amusement and refreshing trip provided relief from the routine life.

The joyous and memorable trip will be cherished in the memories of young ones with a longing desire to step into such experience more often…!!

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