Junior Inter Class Elocution Competition – 2018-19

Every child is a different kind of flower!

And all together makes this world a beautiful garden.”

Shantiniketan Activity hall was filled with excitement and nervousness as the Junior section had their first Inter class Annual Elocution Competition 2018-2019 which will be held every year.

Elocution is the art of learning how to speak correctly and emphasizes correct accent, grammar, pronunciation, tone and stress, as well as how to stand and how to gesture when giving a speech.

The competition served to emphasize the opportunity for the children to combat the biggest challenge i.e stage presence.

And wow, did our children astonish us with their confidence, zeal and charisma, giving the judges a really hard decision to make each time a class went up on stage to captivate the audience with their odes, sonnets and poems. Though there could only be one winner, every class outshined themselves and appeared a winner to the audience, making the competition a grand success.

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