Katara Space Science Programme 2024-25

The Katara Space Science Programme 2024-25, held on June 25th and 26th at the Al Thuraya Planetarium, Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar, concluded successfully, marking a significant milestone in advancing space science education and research. Organized by Katara Cultural Village in collaboration with Jim Adams World LLC, USA, and MAPS International WLL, Qatar, the event aimed to engage students, researchers, educators, and the community in exploring the complexities of space weather and magnetic fields.
Renowned experts such as Mr. Jim Adams, former NASA Chief Technologist, Dr. Stefan Lotz from SANSA in South Africa as a Geomagnetic Scientist, and Ms. Anelda Jonker, a STEAM education specialist, led informative sessions on the theme “Space Weather and Magnetic Fields – Why Space Weather Matters?” Topics covered included solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and their impact on satellite communications, power grids, aviation, and daily life on Earth.
A highlight of the programme was the hands-on STEM activity where students from Shantiniketan Indian School—Swathi Kammath (Grade XC), Aya Ramadan (Grade XC), Saiqa Iram Suha (Grade IXE), Raina Shameem (Grade IXE), Fadi Bin Samee (Grade IXA), and Shahara Rahil Kasim (Grade XI B)—actively participated in constructing a magnetometer. This practical exercise allowed them to measure and detect changes in magnetic fields, bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world application under the guidance of teachers Nihal Maliekkal, Nithya Abhish Murali, and Udaya Unnikrishnan.
Throughout the event, participants engaged in interactive workshops, simulations, and Q&A sessions with experts, gaining deeper insights into space science and its implications. The programme’s success underscores Qatar’s commitment to fostering scientific curiosity and educational excellence in space exploration and research.

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