Kids Fest-CBSE (i)

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The Montessori Department (CBSE I) Celebrated its 3rd Kids Festival. The Festival started with Prayer by the whole crew. Many tiny tots participated in different items. They actively performed- focusing on their best inner talents. The purpose of such a Festival is to give students an opportunity to experience the joy of performing in front of their peers, friends, teachers and others.

It is not only an occasion to showcase their hard work and talents, but also a true testimony and reflection of good teaching, support and constant encouragement. It is important to remember that although this event is a competition, our main goal is to make the day enjoyable and memorable for our students. Always we focus on using this event to continue to build their self-esteem and confidence.

“The concept of Kid’s Festival is a global one: it is a model project that can be adapted to any country in the world. It helps in building confidence among young children.”

We had lots of fun- singing, dancing, storytelling, fancy dress, colouring, memory test etc…After each event they seemed to be motivated more and more. Among all, solo dance was the best focused item. The colouring competition features best colouring, giving the viewer a child’s eye view of nature.

HAMMAD was selected as the OVERALL PERFORMER of Montessori I. He scored two first prizes, two second prizes and two third prizes.  MOHAMED DANISH was selected as the OVERALL PERFORMER of Montessori II. His score is three first prizes and one third prize in various items.

This small intimate festival is one of the most relaxed and enjoyable moments of the year.

Kid’s team waved good bye to the third kid’s fest!!! Expecting to see again in 2015!!!

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