Kitchen Day

“Teachers step forward to change the food culture of our tiny tots…. ”

Sunday – 29th May, 2016 was marked as the  “Kitchen Day”- Healthy living in KG and Primary wing of Shantiniketan Indian School.  The purpose of Kitchen day celebration was to make the children learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

The young ones were briefed about the importance of balanced diet. The ill consequences of eating junk food was explained using visual aids. Teachers encouraged the children to eat a balanced diet for a good health, as eating right and nutritious food is challenging in today’s over-processed and fast food world.

Children were asked to bring bread, butter and their favourite vegetable filling from their home. They enjoyed making sandwich under the guidance of their teacher .They sharpened their culinary skills through fireless cooking.

The menu of the morning was sumptuous, with cereals, sprouts, corn and vegetable salad, sandwiches and fruit salad. Children also brought a variety of homemade healthy food which they enjoyed with their friends. The activity helped them to learn the value of sharing.

Teachers encouraged children to ‘take over the kitchen’ by involving them in the preparation and planning of the day’s meal. Students eagerly participated in these kitchen activities and wanted to try new healthy foods and learn more about where they come from.

Thus kitchen day was enjoyed by the little ones with full zest and excitement.  This day not only provided a healthy learning experience for tiny tots but also helped to foster a tremendous family spirit.

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