Let’s Be Legible

Handwriting – an integral part of our IDENTITY….!!

SIS Pre-Primary section celebrated the art of handwriting on 19th February 2017 to revive the little ones handwriting. The focus of this enterprising activity was on how to form letters and acquire good handwriting skills. The classrooms were abuzz with enthusiasm and the students put in their best efforts to present neat, legible and stylish handwriting to showcase their skills.

The students were asked to write one page in the best of their handwritings.  The KG I children wrote capital and small alphabet while the students of KGII wrote simple sentences. Teachers with their hands-on assistance guided the little ones at every instance helping them to enhance the writing skills.

The assessment of the handwriting was done on the basis of observation of execution and legibility of writing. Execution included correct and consistent pencil hold, posture and letter formation. Legibility involved the readability of letters as well as the spacing within and between words.

The response of the students was very encouraging. An overwhelming majority of students put in their best foot forward to perfect their handwriting in a highly spirited and competitive learning environment. The closely contested competition presented a challenging task for the teachers to adjudge the winners. The competition brought out the talent and creativity of the students.  The importance of good handwriting was re-emphasized and reinforced through this endeavour.

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