Let’s Be Legible

Let’s Live, Love and Say it well in good & legible sentences…’

To improve and support the young children to develop neat, attractive and consistent handwriting the KG & Primary section organized handwriting competition on 19th November, 2015.

The invasion of technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate through writing…………….HANDWRITING seems to be a forgotten art.

To revive the art of handwriting, teachers provided the students with an opportunity to compete with each other in a healthy and zealous environment. The focus of this enterprising activity was on how to form letters and acquire good handwriting skills. The classrooms were abuzz with enthusiasm and the students put in their best efforts to present neat, legible and stylish handwriting to showcase their skills.

This intra class competition aimed at developing an efficient, legible style in all forms of written records like the lay out, presentation and the organizational skills on paper. This academic skill was assessed on the basis of observation of execution and legibility of writing. Execution included correct and consistent pencil grip, posture and letter formation. Legibility involved the readability of letters as well as spacing within and between words.

Certainly this carefully planned motivation helped our students to build confidence enhanced their ability to communicate and enabled them to have an organized approach….most importantly the right habits are being established which forms the key to the future success.

It was indeed a great experience which aided to establish the right habits during this foundation level which forms a key to future success.

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