Literary Hour

“Literature – the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

The Pre-Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School participated in literary hour held on 23rd November, 2016. Phonemic Awareness, Fluency and Vocabulary were the core areas of reading instruction that were focused on during the Literary Hour.  The aim of the activity was to make the young ones exercise their imagination, practice their communication skills, and learn the subtleties of spoken language in dramatic play.

Teachers and students enthusiastically enacted stories by creating a literary rich atmosphere filled with joy and delight. The little eyes glittered with curiosity to know and learn more and more. The poetry session made the tiny tots shake, move, tap and hop with resounded glee.

This creative activity helped to develop different perspectives of appreciation for stories, rhymes and poems in the students. It also helped to enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions.

The little ones were engrossed as they set their imagination to work and participated enthusiastically in the dramatization of their favourite stories .The activity was in developing linguistic and cognitive skills, fostering artistic expression and stimulating children’s imagination.

The level of excitement was so high that made the show a big success among the children as well as teachers.

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