Literary Hour

“There is no friend as loyal as a book”

A child’s journey towards literacy involves learning to speak, listen, read, write and understand.

Last week the students of KG & primary wing spent quality time to improve their literacy skills. With the objective to foster love for books and literature in students, teachers took meticulous steps to enhance and promote the reading skills.

A reading corner was created in each class to motivate the students to read extensively and to inculcate the habit of reading. Students zealously exchanged their favourite story books with their friends and thus they got exposed to a variety of good reading material. Fluency, vocabulary and comprehension were the core areas of reading instructions that were highlighted during this event.

“Literary Hour” focused on literacy needs which go hand in hand with SIS vision. This activity included book discussions, literary quizzes, word games, stories and poem recitation.

“Reading Together” activity helped the students to express themselves through review about their favourite book. They learnt to understand and interpret the world around them through these carefully planned literacy activities.

Literary Hour provided a purposeful, enjoyable, relevant and meaningful activity to engage the students and foster independent, reflective and critical thinking.

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