Little Smiles, Big Check : Dental Checkup

A deliberately planned endeavor to promote oral health and prevent dental issues at the Foundational Stage.
A dental check-up was scheduled to assess the oral health status of our children to provide necessary interventions and referrals for further treatment if needed. The check-up served as an essential initiative to encourage oral health awareness and provide basic dental care services to our young children. By identifying oral health issues early and offering appropriate interventions, the event contributed to improving the overall oral health status of the students. A team of experienced Dental Professionals were available to provide check-ups during school hours on 28-02-2024 & 29-02-2024. This service was completely free of charge, encouraging all the students to benefit from this valuable opportunity. Children of Classes KG I- Class 2 enthusiastically participated in the event which included educational goodies for the children, like toothbrushes and tooth crafts, along with stationery, pencils & pouches. Mixing practical dental items with fun stationery made the experience more enjoyable for the kids while also promoting good oral hygiene habits. The service was well-received, with a high turnout of 328 students for the check-ups. It was indeed a proactive approach to dental care ensures that children focus on learning without dental discomfort.

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