Makeover 11

SIS organized a six-day long intensive Professional Development Programme for teachers in preparation of the new term after summer vacation. Teachers had a hands on training on digital tools and graphic designing conducted by the ICT department lead by Mr. Syam Krishna, Mrs. Bilkees and Mrs. Shobi. Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal discussed “the Building Blocks for Effective Learning”. He also stressed upon the 3Gs of learning viz. Genuine self-awareness, Generous hard work and Generative innovation.

Mrs. Heena Imran, Head Teacher of the Junior Section, trained teachers on Active Teaching Methods. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Pre-primary and Art Departments organized Specific Subject Enrichment sessions for the teachers under the leadership of respective heads. Teachers Discussion Forum under the guidance of Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, Senior Vice-Principal and Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Vice-Principal conducted a panel discussion on ‘Motivating children to be self-directed learners. The programme helped teachers to enhance their skills, competencies and resourcefulness to meaningfully guide children towards effective learning for high achievement.

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