‘MAKEOVER’ – Education Conference 2014

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As a part of the teachers development programme, Shantiniketan Indian School organised MAKEOVER-II, an education conference, spread over three days in its Barwa Campus.  The workshop mainly focussed on various aspects of upgrading the teaching-learning process in adherence to the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The workshop focused on the topics that included ‘An Overview of NCF’, ‘Value of Interaction’, ‘Knowledge and Understanding’, ‘Study, Assessment and Evaluation’, ‘Life-skills’(co-scholastic areas), ‘Designing of Learning Experiences’, ‘Understanding Counseling’ and ‘Reflections’.

The ‘Makeover II’ aimed at making the SIS Teachers a ‘Delightful Teacher’ and encouraged them to emphasize on creative and meaningful involvement of both the students and their parents in the schooling process. It also stressed on the behaviour modification strategy in internalization-reinforcement perspective; consistent research for developing value and skill based curriculum in the perspective of character enrichment.

While addressing the teachers at the start if the session, Dr. Subhash B Nair, Principal, said, “Our children should be able to think beyond iPods, computer games, mobiles and multimedia and they should have goodness in them. That is the ultimate purpose of education. A teacher can impart such an education to the students only if he or she is delightful.”

This Makeover was an interactive and activity oriented session with short lectures backed up with PowerPoint presentations, exercises and group discussions which enriched their knowledge and skills. The purpose of the session was to get the teachers acquainted with the National Curriculum Frame work for planning, teaching, learning and assessment.

“The knowledge, classroom process, value systems and assessment should be objective so that each learner is benefited by the process,” said Mrs. Manju Singh, Vice Principal-Academics.

“The students, parents, teachers and community in general will be benefited by the sessions like these and the teachers, in particular, get an exposure to develop themselves and to be tuned with the focal areas of all major teaching-learning process,” commented Mr. Shihabudheen Pulath, Vice Principal-Administration.

Besides the Principal and the Vice Principals, Mr. Shakir Hussain, Mrs.Padma, Mr.Syam Krishna, Mr.Tono, Mrs. Liji Tono, Ms.Afshan, Ms.Safoora, Mrs. Prabha Saji, Mrs. Shobhi, Mr.Donald, Mr.Virgil, Mr.Deon, Ms. Bilkees and Mrs.Fasleena contributed as Resource persons for this Makeover.

Another attraction of this Makeover II was the picnic in which teachers also exhibited a commendable performance at a variety of fun and frolic Pageant which showcased sheer talent and sportive spirit of the teachers.

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