‘MAKEOVER-III’ – Education Conference

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Preparing the teachers for a new academic year and as a part of the teachers development programme, Shantiniketan Indian School organised ‘Makeover-III’, an education conference, in its Barwa Campus, recently.  The workshop mainly focussed on various aspects of schooling and teaching-learning process, covering a wide areas of topics include ‘School Behaviour Policy’, ‘Objective Assessment’, ‘Class room rules and class room management’, ‘Assessment of Co-scholastics’ etc.

The ‘Makeover III’ aimed at making the teachers aware of being ‘Delightful Teacher’ emphasizing on creative and meaningful involvement of both the students and the parents in the schooling process. It also stressed on developing strategies to strengthen learning through objective based assessment, the behaviour modification strategy in internalization-reinforcement perspective; consistent research for developing value and skill based curriculum in the perspective of character enrichment.

The workshop demanded for making the students competent to work in modern globalised scenario, meeting the needs of the globe while developing themselves for acquiring life-skills. It also asked for the teaching to be imbued with multidisciplinary approach. It has to be transformed from shallow learning to deep learning wherein such assessment practices have to be devised which propels students to be active and engage them in a process of gathering information within and outside classrooms.

Dr.Subash B Nair, Principal, in his key-note-address, spoke on the necessity of changing the approach to develop the creative minds of the children. “What you do in the class room and that point of time is very significant. Collectively, we are responsible for whatever happens in this school. We need to have our own philosophy and approach in dealing with the children in the class room”, he reminded.

The workshop witnessed interactive lectures backed up by PowerPoint presentations which threw light on the discussed topics. The resource people were selected from among the staff. Mr.Shihabudheen Pulath, Vice Principal-Admin., Mr.Dudley O’ Connor, Vice Principal, CBSE(i),Ms. Nasneen Fathima, Ms.Afshan, and Mr.Shakir Hussain handled various sessions.

“Strategies and regulations of an institution determine the methods and style of teaching, learning and overall development of the institution,” Shihabudheen Pulath said while explaining the school behavior policy.

“The knowledge, classroom process, value systems and assessment should be objective so that each learner is benefited by the process,” said Mr. Dudley O’ Connor.

Present on the occasion were Mrs. Prabha Saji, Headmistress, Middle Section, and Mrs. Mehjabeen Hassan, Headmistress,Primary wing.

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