Makeover Phase 15

SIS organized an intensive Teacher’s Professional Development Program on ‘Attitude towards Methods’.

The one day program included demonstrations of teaching methodologies and a discussion on ‘Building Blocks of Effective Learning’. ‘Active Teaching Methods’ was demonstrated by the Department of English. ‘Blended Learning’ by the Department of Science. ‘The 4C’s Approach To Learning’ by the Department of Social Science. ‘Collaborative Learning’ by the Department of Math.

Moderator Mr. Donald D’Costa opened the discussion on ‘Building Blocks of Effective Learning’, a unique signature strategy created by the senior leadership team of SIS as an innovative method to promote learning. ‘Affection’ – Building a relationship between the teacher and the taught, ‘Acceptance’ – Providing a joyful experience, accepting the children as they are, ‘Attention’ – The child feels the need for learning, ‘Attributes’ – Providing varied appropriate learning experiences when actual learning takes place, ‘Attainment’ – The children experiences the joy of learning as they derive the benefit of learning, ‘Accolades’ – A positive reinforcement and sense of achievement which motivates for further learning. Panel members, Mrs. Varalakshmi, Mrs. Roshni Biju, Mrs. Vasavi Ayyanan, Mr. Tono Fernandez, Mr. Virgil D’Souza and Ms. Sameena Hussain brought out the intensity of this method which could lead to change in the teaching – learning scenario.

Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal, shared his views on teacherness and innovative teaching practices, where he focused on 3G’s – Genuine Self Awareness, Generous Hard Work, Generative Innovation, 4C’s – ‘Critical Thinking’ – Empowers the children to question constantly and discover the truth especially when it comes to separating fact from opinion, which develops self-driven learning, ‘Creativity’ – Embraces children with their inner strengths from planning to meticulous organization which cumulate into high expressions engaging in productivity, ‘Collaboration’ – Achieves common goals, it strengthens social skills and enhances adaptability. Students understands how to address a problem, pitch solutions and decide the best course of action, ‘Communication’ – The process of sharing ideas clearly. Technology is a tool widely used to communicate instantly, communication evolves around discussions which promotes collaboration encouraging creativity based on critical thinking and the 6A’s of Building Blocks of Effective Learning. He highlighted the fact that if these methods are used effectively, it could derive the best in a teacher.


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