Makeover – Phase 20 gear Teachers for Blended learning

Makeover – Phase 20 – The Professional Development Programme of SIS, concluded recently after a series of sessions spanning a period of one-week that geared teachers with adopting an engaging and effective blended Learning in school. These sessions also attuned the teachers with the National Education Policy – 2020 and its key features to enable teachers to kickstart the process as the school reopens on 1st September according to guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE). The Week-long distinctively designed sessions equipped teachers with invaluable programmes that were curated, developed and presented by teachers and demonstrated to make blended learning highly effective while maintaining a safe and high educational experience for the learners. The School Management Committee set up the platform for the series of innovatively designed courses by presenting the revised and reinvented Vision, Mission and Core Values of the School During his presentation, President – Mr. K. C, Abdul Latheef announced the School’s Action Plan and highlighted the Distinctive Features of the School that will help it achieve its new vision of providing “Distinctively Excellent Education.” Mr. Anwar shared the School’s strategic plan of the to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives. The Senior Secondary Teachers demonstrated various methods and strategies that can help develop and promote “Cognition – Aspects of learning.” Secondary Section helped teachers develop a clear and precise methods of setting “Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes.” The Middle Section team organized and demonstrated methods that can “Integrate Art, Skills and Values” in the learning process. The Junior School Teachers demonstrated different “Method and Teaching Strategies” that can help in differentiated instruction and inclusive teaching practices to ensure that every child can learn and attain high performances. The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary teachers entertained and enthused the attendees by exhibiting different methodologies to develop the “Affective Domain” of Learning. A special session was held to discuss, train and familiarize the teachers with the safety and security measures as the school reopens. The teachers and the admin staffs were also trained with procedures planned to comply with the health and social distancing requirements in schools suggested by the MOEHE and Ministry of Health (MOH).The series of Makeover Sessions featured effective usage of different online digital tools, activities that can make the students enthusiastic learners, and make learning a joyful experience for every child. While making the concluding remarks, President – Mr. K. C Abdul Latheef, expressed that by attending the sessions he is extremely confident that the teachers are in the right path towards making the new Vision a reality in a very short time. Principal – Dr. Subhash B. Nair, expressed his deepest gratitude to the Vice Principals, the Section Heads, the Resource Persons and the teachers for their enthusiastic and active participation, their open and mindful discussions and sharing of ideas. He expressed full confidence on his team to ensure an effective and meaningful Blended learning approach during the session for a delightful learning process for all the students.

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