Makeover Phase 8

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Shantiniketan Indian School conducted a Staff Professional Development Programme in the first week of September before the school reopened for the students after the vacation. Teachers from all the departments underwent practical training in ICT and in Active Teaching methods. Demonstration sessions and video presentations made the sessions active and interesting. Teachers also discussed active teaching methods during the Department meetings. This training session equipped SIS teachers to be prepared for the paradigm shift the school is planning in its teaching methodology to further enhance students’ academic performance.

The resource persons were Mrs. Heena Imran, Mr. Austin, Mrs. Bilkees, Mrs. Shobhi, Mrs. Muktha and Mrs. Jyothi Lakshmi. Teachers participated actively in all the sessions under the able guidance of the Senior Vice Principal Mr. Shihabudeen Pullath and the Vice Principal Mr. Dudley O’ Connor.

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