Marine Fest

Marine beauty fascinates inspiration and imagination”

As a part of the event, role play on sea creatures was conducted which provided an opportunity for the tiny tots to learn more about marine environment, conservation and sea life. Display boards created by the teachers and students integrated with values, emphasized the importance of preserving marine beauty and culture and also reflected on the theme – impressions of life in and around the sea.

They spent a day exploring the marine life, they admired the beautiful nature around them. It was a wonderful experience for them as they shared their thoughts and ideas on issues concerning importance of oceans to life on earth.

The teachers created a marine theme which was a picture perfect view of the shore, shells and the underwater world. The children shimmered in the marine creatures outfits posing for their clicks.

It was a gratifying experience to see the young ones filled with joy and curious to know about the animals of world of the sea.

Head Teacher Mrs. Mehjabeen motivated the students to step forward with the same zeal and enthusiasm in the upcoming events. Children learnt the importance of preserving the nature and its beauty.

This endeavor increased the awareness of preserving the aquatic habitats and species of the ocean in which they reside.

The marine fest was thus concluded with joy and glee spread among the children.

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