Marine Festival

With an objective to trigger the curiosity of the children on sea animals Marine Festival was celebrated by the Pre-Primary section.

It provided an opportunity for the little ones to explore the amazing treasure of marine creatures that thrive in the deep oceans. Children were fascinated by the colourful sea animals like octopus, starfish, jellyfish, turtle etc.

The young ones came dressed in the costumes of different marine creatures. Besides there were surfers, scuba divers and swimmers who couldn’t wait to explore the marine world. Children drew pictures of different sea animals and coloured them. They showcased their creativity by clay modelling of sharks, dolphins, clown fish, crab etc.

Children were explained that ocean is precious as it is a storehouse of treasure and it is our responsibility to safeguard the creatures created by Mother Nature.

The activity inspired children to take better care of the ocean and leave a legacy of pristine sea to the future generation. The day was well spent admiring the beauty of nature and the life of the lovely creatures underwater.

As a part of the event, role play on sea creatures was conducted which provided an opportunity for the children to learn more about marine environment conservation and sea life.

It was a day filled with excitement and joy which helped the students to celebrate the different aspects of marine environment.


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