Mask Making

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With the objective to enhance the self confidence and the inter personal skills SIS,K.G & Primary Wing celebrated ‘Mask making day’ on 22nd May 2014 for classes playschool to STD-II.

Teachers worked with the children to make simple mask using hand tracing and hand prints. They got actively involved in painting paper plates, cutting, sticking and ofcourse wearing it. Teachers helped them to decorate them and add some fun details like lashes, spectacles , some whiskers and other fun accents. These masks were used as a cool disguise during role playing stories such as The Little Prince, Aesops the fox and the grapes etc.

The momentary transformation of little ones into their favourite cartoon characters was a visual treat. They enjoyed to see through others eyes and speak others voice.

Students got engaged deeply engrossed in colouring and creating the mask of their choice. They enjoyed imitating different characters moving and speaking for the being they had created, acknowledging their kinship with all of nature. These little ones were curious, enthusiast and excited to wear mask of Donald duck, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Bunny, Monkey, Elephant, Fox, Bear, Cat etc.

This was indeed a fun filled and interactive activity that helped our young ones to develop, explore and fantasize their social skills, interest and hobbies.

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