Math ‘O’ Fun

Young Budding Mathematicians display their numerical skills….!!

KG & Primary Section organized ‘Math ‘O’ Fun’ Activity on 22nd December, 2015, the birth anniversary of Ramanujan- the great mathematician and autodidact.

The activity aimed at nurturing a natural interest in maths and to enhance the number sense, problem solving and reasoning skills in the students. It  was an attempt to focus less on passive learning and provide lots of hands on activities.

The significance of maths was highlighted through a series of outdoor and indoor activities like maths relay, treasure hunt, decoding the message and online math games.  Math-relay was an out-door activity which helped to explore the mental ability of the students eventually helping the young minds to gain confidence, team spirit and aptitude of maths. The teachers provided continuous development on the on-going curricular support and guidance with planning and assessment on basic mathematical operations.

The students worked collaboratively to construct mathematical understandings and extended their learning, based on their individual abilities and needs.

Models based on mathematical topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, abacus and geometrical shapes were displayed in the corridors. The soft boards were decorated with some impressive posters and informative placards thereby creating effective informal learning corners for the students.

The most commendable part of this endeavor were young, confident and self-assured peer tutors who stepped forward to explain the basic mathematical concepts using impressive models, attractive charts and posters. Students responded positively to peer teaching activity and labeled them as fun and interesting ways to learn solve problems.

Students were provided with a wonderful opportunity to apply their numeracy skills and improve their ability to solve problems logically. A strong emphasis was based on communicating, understanding and sharing strategies with their peer group. Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan lauded the efforts of the young budding talents who made a conscientious attempt to enthuse and inspire fellow friends in their mathematical pursuit.

It was indeed a tribute to Ramanujan- the genius of era who made extraordinary contributions to Mathematical analysis and number theory.

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