Math O’ Fun

The Pre-Primary section of SIS conducted Math O’ Fun activity last week in a purposeful way with a balanced and effective use of digital media.

The children were engaged in numerous hands on activities to explore different mathematical concepts. The budding talents were provided with wonderful learning opportunities to sharpen their basic numeracy skills.

The young children got an opportunity to experience maths concepts as they experimented with counting, addition, subtraction, spatial awareness and measurement.

Children were excited learning about shapes, recognizing and naming shapes of objects around them. They set their creativity to work as they worked on the models related to the topic given to them.

The little ones took delight in participating in the activities, all of which supported the development of mathematical concepts. They found learning maths to be more enjoyable and fun.

The activity was successful in enhancing the learning of young children at a remarkable rate by applying concepts and mathematical skills to normal childhood activities. It helped in building on child’s interest in mathematics and fostering life skills which will contribute to their success in and out of school.

This endeavour had a positive influence and helped to nurture mathematical interest in the young minds and to develop their cognitive skills.

An enterprising and stimulating class environment was created which enhanced the critical and logical thinking process of our young ones.

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