Mathematics Exhibition

Speak to me I will learn, teach me I will understand, guide me to do I will remember it forever

Keeping this in mind, on 8th June 2015, Mathematics Exhibition was held at Shantiniketan Indian School , Barwa Village –Doha Qatar. It started  from 8:45 am to 11:20 am. Students enthusiastically participated in the Exhibition and made wonderful, amazing models on various topics. The students made different  models both still as well as working models.

Students of classes III to XI participated and each class presented and explained the models made by them on different topics. It was clear children enthusiastically researched  and were keenly took part in the Exhibition, the work presented by them in the form of models were monitored  and made under the guidance of their teachers.

Students of all classes were accompanied by the teachers and  took rounds in order to appreciate the hard work put in by their fellow friends.

Appreciation was observed when students spoke and explained their models in detail.

Teachers of other departments took part and asked questions where children got an opportunity to communicate their thoughts.

It was indeed an exhibition which gave them exposure and confidence to present their thoughts and mind.

The Head of the Department Mr. Shamsudheen actively participated and ensured that arrangements were taken care of. The Senior Head Mistress Mrs. Prabha Sajee and  Junior Head Mistress Mrs. Jisha also encouraged the students with their presence.

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