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An important part of what students learn is to be put into practice in order to be successful in life and by their ability to think critically and solve problems. Most often, it is reasoning skills that allow us to solve problems successfully and in a time efficient manner.

Within the small group collaborative effort, students are encouraged to facilitate a constructive investigation of a problem in which they are fully engaged in the learning project. The hands-on approach with this type of education really focuses on the student’s taking the initiative, rather than simply being directed by their teacher. As students learn from their mistakes, they are encouraged to make the necessary corrections and establish the proper channels
In order develop these skills, Shantiniketan Indian School CBSE(i) wing looks forward to such opportunities for the overall development of students and make efforts to provide them a platform to polish their talents and potential.
Maths O’Fun was to conducted on Monday- 21st April, 2014 for students from grade II(i)- IX(i) .
Dr. Subhash Nair (Principal) and Mr. Dudley O’Connor (Vice Principal CBSE-i) encouraged the students and their work with their presence and asking them questions related to their work displayed. This programme was a successful event under the supervision of Vice Principal – Mr. Dudley O’Connor.
Maths O’Fun reflected the work and talents of students. The project/models were developed by students under the Mathematics teacher’s supervision. Students displayed their work with zeal and enthusiasm in order to provide an overview of the activities, ideas conducted and discussed in class.
These projects, models are a part of their evaluation- CCE. Their work is evaluated on the basis of overall outlook, presentation, efforts made and explanation of the matter.
The entire event was well supervised by the teachers.

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