Monarch Tech Fest – 4

The students of SIS have made us proud by bringing laurels to the school in the Monarch Tech Fest -4, which was hosted by DPS Monarch International School on 12 June 2023, Monday. The competition featured talented students from various schools in the region, all competing to showcase their innovation and technical skills. Hishaam Mohamed, from 8B, excelled in the Cabaletta competition, securing the second place, demonstrating his excellent skills and creative thinking. His performance was praised by the judges and earned him a well-deserved recognition. In addition to Laya Baburaj, Krisha Ashishkumar Pandya, Ganna Mohammed, and Joudy Mohammed also represented our school in the Innovation Hunt competition. The team worked collaboratively under the guidance of the ICT department and showcased their innovative and technical skills, impressing the judges with their creativity and problem-solving abilities earning them the third place. Overall, the achievements of our students in the Monarch Tech Fest -4 were a testament to their talent, dedication, and hard work. They represented our school with pride and honour, showcasing their skills and innovative thinking. The school is delighted of their achievements and looks forward to their continued success in future competitions.

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