Mother’s Day Celebration

“Paradise lies under the feet of the mother…”

Honouring mother and being kind, respectful and obedient to her will definitely lead you to the Paradise. This virtuous message was conveyed through a series of activities.  Mothers are so special and hold a unique place in our heart, keeping this binding emotion in mind,  SIS KG and Primary Wing celebrated the Mother’s Day on 10th  May, 2015 as a tribute to Mother’s love.

The blooming buds of the SIS family spent a splendid time to show their love to their Mom and honour them. Children worked passionately as they artistically designed and painted colourful cards for the most precious person in their lives. The speeches, poems and sayings like You are the sunlight in my day,  the Miracle of life nurtured by a woman who has love and sacrifice…. is MOTHER by the students were gratifying and heart touching. All these activities by the tender tots delivered the message of love and gratitude towards their Moms and helped them to imbibe virtuous values.

Mothers are an embodiment of love and affection. They are our friend, guide and philosopher who leave no stone unturned to shape our future. Heartwarming feelings like these filled the air with gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement- the little ones proudly echoed and enchanted the quote- Service to our Mother is our Paradise.

Today’s 21st century generation which is controlled by materialistic gains rather than spiritual values, such celebrations motivate the young minds to live by and uphold values like compassion, care and respect. In a nutshell, this endeavor   helped the children realize the importance of Mother’s selfless service.

It was indeed a very special day all in all, as the significance of motherhood realized in every culture testifies.

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