Mother’s Day

“Mothers’ – the most precious and amazing gift……”

The Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated Mother’s day on 14th May 2017 in an exceptional way to express their deep and intense feeling of love and affection towards their moms. It was time to cherish that motherhood with all the enthusiasm and zeal.

The tender tots prepared little surprises for their moms in the form of greeting cards and bouquets. Tiny hands got busy in creating cards filled with warmth, fondness, devotion and endearment, their efforts were commendable and outstanding…!! They also got an opportunity to show their love towards mother through an extempore.

The senior KG children had a special assembly to appreciate and express their gratitude towards their moms in their own words which was indeed the highlight of the day.

The most special and memorable moments of the children with their moms were displayed on the bulletin boards and corridors was indeed a visual treat. Heart touching messages and slogans signifying the role of mother were showcased everywhere to acknowledge the love that has been reciprocated from the young ones to their mothers.

The little ones stepped forward to convey the important message of being polite, obedient, humble and kind to the parents.

Our Senior Head Teacher, Ms. Mehjabeen Hasan insisted on inculcating the virtuous values and ethics of giving respect and reverence to their parents.

The day that recognizes and celebrates the essence of motherhood was glorified and rejoiced by the tiny tots.

This endeavor made our young minds realize that the unconditional love a mother gives her children is not to be found in anyone else.

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