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Orange Day

“Orange sets a tone of hope, delight and prosperity…”

The Pre-Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated Orange Day on 25th October 2017 with great zeal and zest. The atmosphere was vibrant with vivid hues and tints of orange colour everywhere. It was indeed wonderful to see our tiny tots radiating enthusiasm, creativity and happiness.

Children came dressed in different shades and combination of orange. The bulletin board were decorated with balloons and paper pumpkins artistically crafted by the students with the support of teachers. Songs were sung and a role play was performed by the students. Children were surprised and proclaimed “Wow….!!” to discover orange colour by mixing yellow and red.

The little ones brought many objects like carrot, orange, balls, cars, marigold and many other orange coloured toys. They got actively involved in interesting activities like ‘Show and Tell’, ‘Plate Pumpkins’, ‘Carrot Painting’ related to this colour. The teachers collected all the objects from the children and displayed them in their respective classes. Children were given a thorough understanding of the colour orange through this activity.

The young ones were fascinated by the sparkling shades of orange colour when nature was at its best….the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, the blooming of the hibiscus and the colourful mountains.

Children identified the orange colour in our National Flag. They learnt that Orange Colour forms the first band of our Flag and it symbolises courage and sacrifice.

In a nutshell this celebration was a whopping success and helped children learn in a fun and frolic way.





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